Who will survive this economy?

The small business person who is selling does not have time to watch TV! During the last few weeks of doom and gloom about the economy, I have met and spoke with small business owners who say they need a catcher’s mit to catch all the new business they are getting. I believe there are several reasons why small businesses will not only survive but thrive.

1. Make it small and keep it all – My rich uncle once told me that 20 years ago. Keep your overhead as low as possible. What ever you make is yours to keep

2. Hand to Hand Combat – When your distribution chain involves putting your product directly in someones hand, your cost are kept low. I have a colleague who sells custom made jewelry pieces for $20 each. He made over $3500 at a two day art festival in Richardson, Texas.

3. Resourceful – As a small business owner, you cannot afford to be wasteful. I buy my paper clips used! That’s right, there are used office goods stores all over the place. Why go to Office Depot and pay retail? Small Business owners can save money buy being resourceful